The easy way to Netilat Yadayim

Natalkal, a portable basin & cup, enabling Netilat Yadayim without spills and allowing reciting of Brachot without having to remove the used water

Another version of Natalkal, with a new design tailored to all usage needs, providing a unique and functional cleanliness experience

The advantage of Natalkal

The Natalkal can be utilized at any time

Netilat Yadayim in the morning and for Mayim Aharonim. It provides a convenient solution for the birthing mothers, in the hospital and a family trip

Ideal at the Pesah Seder & in the Sukkah

Natalkal, Do it right !

We encouter the problem of preparing a water cup for the morning's Netilat Yadayim and placing it carefully by the bed, alas, the cup gets knocked over and often walk more than four "Amot" before Netilat Yadayim, in violation of the recommended Halachic instruction of our Sages.

With Natalkal > Problem Resolved

Our new patent Facilitates optimal observance of the Morning's Netila

Respect of the Halakha

  • בן איש חי

    לכן יזהר כל אדם להכין הכלים סמוך למטתו באופן שלא יצטרך לילך ארבע אמות

    הלכות שנה א תולדות ו׳

  • חפץ חיים

    מיד שמתעורר משנתו יטול ידיו אף שנשאר מושכב ומכל שכן שלא ילך ארבע אמות בלי נטילת ידיים

    משנה ברורה א', ס"ק ב

  • רשב"י

    מפני רוח הטומאה שורה על הידיים כאשר מתעורר משנתו, אסור ללכת ד' אמות בידיים מזוהמות ומטמאות

    הזוהר הקדוש, עיין שם

Respect the mitzvah with Natalkal


Gedoley Israel and Natalkal

Receive valuable recommendations from many Rabbanim with our Natalkal collection. Designed with the greatest care, this collection of kelim for Netilat Yadayim is approved by renowned scholars.

Why choose Natalkal?

Each product is the result of meticulous attention to detail, in accordance with the halachic guidelines laid down by our sages. Embrace tradition with confidence by using products recommended by respected Rabbanim, for a Netilat Yadayim imbued with meaning and respect for halacha.

An ideal solution for washing hands without fear of spilled water before or after

  • Bet Din orthodox community

  • הרב וייס שליט"א

  • הרב אויערבאך שליט"א

  • הרב בקשי דורון זצ"ל

  • הרב מוצפי שליט"א

  • הרב סיטרוק זצ"ל

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