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Natalkal Kior

Natalkal Kior

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Discover Natalkal Kior, your indispensable ally for hand ablution, offering a simplified and effective hygiene experience, carefully designed to meet the needs of the whole family.

Natalkal Kior offers a unique, functional solution distinguished by its remarkable simplicity and unrivalled practicality. Its ergonomic, lightweight and unbreakable design makes it the ideal companion for everyday use, guaranteeing an effortless Netilat Yadaim experience.

Using Natalkal Kior is disconcertingly simple, redefining the standards of daily ablution. Its specially reinforced silicone sealing ring lid ensures a dry environment, offering peace of mind and comfort with every use.

Easy to carry, easy to use, Natalkal Kior offers the ultimate convenience in your daily hygiene routine. Opt for simplicity, choose Natalkal, and make every hand ablution a hassle-free experience, wherever you are.

Total weight: 779 grams

Width: 32*34 cm

Length: 27 cm Keli included

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